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Death of Four Salesmen
Glengarry, Glen Ross: Ryushin Ensemble
Reviewed by Matt Byme

DAVID Mamet's play is a dark, cynical, vicious and unrelentingly brutal look at a bunch of men in crisis.

A team of real estate salesmen are put under the pump by their company which promises a Cadillac to the most successful salesman of the month, steak knives to the second and real knives in the back to the third and-fourth.

Director Paul Peers sets the action in a series of locations in the Black Rose Theatre with varying amounts of success and we see what normally stressed out individuals will do when they're literally selling for their livelihood. Peter Dunn, Scott Harrison, Dominic Pedlar and David Tyier present the apocalyptic four with passion and sustained instability, and full credit to Rory Walker, Justin Moore and Dylan Lloyd in their support roles.

Mamet's dialogue is devastating, there are no compromises and no easy solutions.

The City Messenger 8/3/2000