Photo from Ghosts
“…director Paul Peers and the company have staged a real gem…”
- Rip It Up Magaine
“Peers got the audience laughing.”
- Boston Globe
“This was high-class Handel”
- Opera Today (UK)
“… der faszinierenden theaterreise…”
(“…a fascinating theatre journey…”)
- Berliner Zeitung

“Paul Peers has absolutely inspired top-notch performances, both on stage and behind the scenes.”
- The Advertiser

“All the world was not just a stage, it was an opera stage" - Opera News

“a chic and well-oiled production" - Australian Stage

“Mr. Peers' smart libretto adopts a process that peels away his title character's contradictions, unreliable memories, half-lies and compromising admissions in a way that subtly notches up the pathos." - New York Times

“ intriguing dreamscape..." - Wall Street Journal