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King Lear heads outdoors

AN energetic cast and near faultless acting combine together in Lightning Strike's production of Shakespeare's tragedy. King Lear.

The picturesque grounds of Carrick Hill provide a stunning setting, however some of the lines are lost even on a still summer's evening.

Direction from Paul Peers works well, with good use of levels and character interaction. The minimal set is more than compensated by the activity generated by Peers' direction, which relies on the outdoor setting. Lightning Strike's production is set in modem times but remains true to Shakespeare's text.

While the first act is slow to grab you, by the second act the pace of the play intensifies and the musical score heightens the dramatic events. The lightning and thunder effects are also effective.

Warwick Cooper's Lear is outstanding. He lifts the performances of the rest of the cast.

Catherine Campbell's performance as Goneril is powerful and Renato Musalino as Edmund is another stand out. Bring a picnic, but be prepared to carry it around.

Jessica Hurt

The Advertiser 26/2/2001