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Little Shop of Horrors, AC Arts
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LITTLE Shop of Horrors is this year’s big production showcasing the front-and-back stage talents of the students at Adelaide College of the Arts. Some 64 students have been involved in all aspects of the show, culminating in last night’s opening performance.

Little Shop is a great piece of musical theatre full of 1950s doo-wop tunes and redolent of the best-worst B-grade horror movies. It has every clichéd storyline known to lyricists – the lonely orphan, the ill-fated love affair, the miserable Jewish shopkeeper, and the Faustian pact. How far will sad Seymour go for fame and fortune? Why can’t Audrey see that true love is close at hand?

The cast are all capable performers. Stef Rossi, playing Crystal, is the strongest musical theatre actor on stage but I wanted to see more movement; the choreography throughout could have been a little more creative. Patrick Clements also shines as the shopkeeper Mushnik. Romina Verdiglione is touching as the vulnerable Audrey. A little more emotional intensity in the show would give her denouement some real impact.

Well-known local musician Ross Burford leads the six-piece band tucked away at the front of the stage. There are a few key moments when the music threatens to overwhelm the performers and the voices need a little more projection.

The real star of the show is Audrey II, the lusty plant that just keeps on growing. Audrey II is a wonderful creation, a devilish mutant of Venus Fly Trap, Triffid and Octopus, magnificently managed by her “handlers” and impressively voiced by Jordan Cowan.

Little Shop is a fun show and a great opportunity to experience semi-professional theatre at am-dram prices. Give those students a warm hand!


reviewed by Diana Carroll

Thursday 6th September, 2012